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    • October 18, 2017
    • Day Program - Tejas Steakhouse and Saloon 401 Obst Rd, Bulverde Texas 78163 Evening Program - Paloma Blanca Mexican Cuisine, 5800 Broadway St San Antonio, Texas, TX 78209

    Bry Cox - "Celebrity Style Imaging"

    PPA Master Photographer • PPA Photographic Craftsman • PPA Certified • Adobe Software Evangelist 

    NOTE THE SPECIAL VENUES FOR THIS EVENT!!  Day Program - Tejas Steakhouse and Saloon 401 Obst Rd, Bulverde Texas 78163 - Evening Program - Paloma Blanca Mexican Cuisine,  5800 Broadway St San Antonio, Texas, TX 78209

     Making our clients look and feel like celebrities, and adding a more creative and fashion style to our shoots is more crucial than ever. A high-end style that blends creativity and pro techniques is needed for an eye-grabbing portfolio, killer marketing images, and in helping you leave shoots confident that you have stronger images.

    Whether you shoot weddings, high school seniors, or families and children, I’ll help you light better in any environment, make women look great, create more variety while shooting fewer images, and be ninja-fast in your workflow.

    Come spend the day with me in San Antonio where we’ll cover three big areas: lighting, workflow, and high-end sales. We’ll start with lighting systems for perfectly nailing exposure and color balance – inside, on location, and with any brand of gear. We’ll talk about my three secrets to making women look amazing with light, as well as unique and higher-end lighting styles to make you stand out.

    All this means better images going into Photoshop than most people have coming out. And we’ll take those images even further with a clean and fast Adobe workflow in Lightroom and Photoshop. No matter how fast you are, I’ll make you faster. I’ll share tricks for fast culling and retouching so your images have a clean, crisp, expensive commercial look while also being more real and captivating.

    And we’ll cover how to sell these images for more money, how to best present them, and how to overcome common objections like price. 

    About Bry:

    Bry Cox is a Gold Medalist out of 25,000 international photographers. He’s on the Adobe Software Evangelist team, is a PPA Master/Craftsman about 11 times over, and is Certified. Bry’s owned a studio in Utah for over 20 years, he’s been teaching workshops throughout the US and Canada for over a decade, and has created many videos, plugins, and books for photographers to rave reviews.

    Bry’s work has been featured in magazines and on magazine covers, even those of other countries. They're used by record companies, VIPs, filmmakers, TV anchors, and musicians. (Capitol Records, CMT, Billboard Magazine, TV Guide, American Girl Magazine, American Photo Magazine, and Professional Photographer Magazine to name a few.)

    He photographs prominent people such as LeAnne Rimes, Olivia Newton-John, David Archuleta, Natalie Cole, Kenny Loggins, Linda Ronstadt, Steve Forbes, Mitt Romney, and the last four Utah Governors. 


    • November 15, 2017
    • 6:00 PM
    • Paloma Blanca Mexican Cuisine, 5800 Broadway St San Antonio, Texas, TX 78209

    Meet the Masters - Masters Roundtable

      The Master of Photography degree is arguably the "Holy Grail" of photography, something all photographers strive to attain.  Meet four who have, and ask them ANYTHING!  This moderated discussion includes four Masters, two experienced Masters who received their degree years ago, and two new Masters - David Boeck and Elizabeth Homan, and Laura Pollard and Ron Castle.  Get their perspectives on the process of becoming a Master, what was hardest for them and what was a walk in the park, what advice they would give someone striving for their Masters, anything you want to know!!

    • January 24, 2018
    • 6:00 PM
    • TBA

    More information coming soon...

    • February 21, 2018
    • 6:00 PM
    • TBA

    "Photographing Weapons"

      We live in Texas, which means that the majority of our clients own a weapon of some kind and would like to have their portraits done with them. So wether you are an enthusiast, or you aren't much of a fan of weapons, you should know the basic rules and how to correctly bend them to fit into a realistic portrait of your client. We all know that weapons are deadly, my goal in this class if for you to come away with a confidence to handle, check, and walk away from your session happy and healthy. This will be a hands on class so feel free to bring your camera and capture some images.

    Connor is sponsored by Arlington Camera.

    Connor Fuller, Cr. Photog., CPP, AF-TPPA loves to push the boundaries of his art and create something different.  And, sometimes a bit “dangerous”.  His love of weapons has infiltrated his love of photography and the two have meshed into a regular part of his work in his studio.  Seniors, bridegrooms, and people you never expect ask us for guns, bows, and knives in their portraits.  This always gets Connor’s creative brain fired up.  

    The photography bug bit Connor when he was 19.  His mother is a photographer and she was booked solid for senior season unable to take on any more seniors for that year.  A girl called him and said “your mom is booked and can’t take any more seniors and I want a Fuller to photograph me”.  When he laughingly told his mom about the conversation, she immediately said call her back and book it!  After a short posing lesson and a camera set on “P”, he was sent on the way.  After the recent loss of his father, Connor felt enthused and with a purpose.  The rest, as they say, is history.

    Today, Connor owns the studio and his mother, Esther, works for him.  The studio is in the small town of Kirbyville, Texas (population approx. 2000).  Small towns create a challenge, but with a quality product with exceptional service, Fuller’s Photography Studios stands apart from the crowd and draws clients from near and far. 

"Professional Photographers of San Antonio, Inc." is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.  San Antonio, TX 78260